Our Partners

Advantage Labs 

Once you have your Drupal site up and running, it is important to keep it up to date. With thousands of active developers, there are always bugfixes, important security releases, and exciting new modules that you can benefit from. Advantage Labs helps you stay ahead of the game by providing maintenance-free managed hosting services at a low monthly rate. We like that Advantage Labs is a local company with an accessible front door. Know your webhost! We have been working with Advantage Labs since 2007.  

Hold That Thought! Company

Start with a thought. Then turn it into memorable, meaningful connections with customers, constituents, partners. Sounds simple, but not every marketing agency gets it. Combining experienced planning and artful design, Hold That Thought! excels at transforming ideas into understanding, and then into action. They are passionate about getting the results you want, in a thoroughly professional and personal way. 

Hold That Thought! Company is a freelance design and marketing agency. They serve business and non-profit clients throughout the US from their Minneapolis base, and have been helping organizations like yours succeed since 1986.